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Nadine Panasik


Nadine is a well-rounded and caring massage therapist who I recommend often and with enthusiasm! I’m continually  impressed with the scope & knowledge of her skills from deep tissue, traditional Swedish, to the use of essential oils, all given by a true caring person and consummate professional.

Ellen, Petaluma, CA 

 I have met Nadine about 10 years ago for my first massage and was impressed with her varied massage techniques and attention to detail. She not only maintains my physical health but integrates and educates me about how to use Therapeutic Essential Oils. Nadine has great expertise, is caring and has a friendly nature.  I have been a longstanding and very satisfied client and hope to remain one for years to come.

Elsa Anderson, Petaluma, CA 

Nadine has been giving me massages for over a year. I have rheumatoid arthritis so I must be careful about who massages me. Sometimes they can inflame my arthritis. However, Nadine knows exactly how to handle this and I have not had any problems from my sessions. She is extremely caring, professional and an excellent massage therapist.

Laura, Healdsburg, CA

I look forward to the weeks that Nadine is scheduled to visit our facility!! I have been receiving massages from Nadine for the last for years, and have found her to be consistent in the massage quality she delivers each and every time. Nadine asks questions to ensure she provides the right amount of pressure, and solicits input on the type of massage techniques preferred.

In addition to her exceptional service and listening skills, Nadine is creative; providing her own customized massage oils/lotions and Authentic Therapeutic Essential Oils.

It is with pleasure I recommend Nadine Panasik

Diane Walsh * Vice president Product Management

IDEX Health & Science LLC * Rohnert Park, CA

I have known Nadine for approximately 2 years.  The first massage she gave me I can still remember and how excellent it was.  I was very impressed. She is very professional and knowledgeable on her massage/spa techniques and specializes in Essential Oil treatments. Receiving my therapeutic sessions have effected my emotional and physical well-being. Nadine is a wonderful therapist.

Gail, Petaluma, Ca